The WhatToGet story

How our site got started:
Our site was conceptualized about 2 years before it was ever started.
It started as an idea to develop software that would make gift giving easier for our very large family.
About a year after the thought occured to us, we ran into another difficulty: I couldn't find a place to register for our baby shower that carried every item we desired. Hence the birth of this site. Now we could create our own unique lists with all the shopping information anyone could possibly want and avoid all the duplicate gifts! We decided this was too handy of a tool to not share with everyone. We hope you get as much use out of it as we have!

What we offer:
Today, we offer a way to create a registry for any occasion made up of products from anywhere you wish; be it a generic wish list, or something for a specific occasion. On a list, you can include information about the product such as where to purchase it, how much it costs, what the item number or catalog number is and what it looks like.

If you choose to provide a link to a picture of your item, it will show up on your registry to help clarify any possible confusion. Now you can get exactly what you want and exactly the quantity you want! If you are the gift giver, you can aquire all the information necessary to quickly and easily purchase a gift. Once you have purchased a gift, or chosen what you plan to buy, it simply takes one click to indicate your purchase so that others won't buy the same item!

Where we would like to go:

What do we wish for our future? We hope to be the best at what we do. We hope to offer you the most complete, easy to use online registry out there. Please don't hesitate to send us suggestions or comments. Together we can create a truly useful tool for something as wonderful as giving and receiving gifts!