KO Racing MR2 Turbo Throttle Body Inlet

KO Racing MR2 Turbo Throttle Body Inlet
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Fabricated by KO Racing from 304SS, this throttle body inlet is 2.5" diameter all the way through unlike the stock piece and makes a great compliment to the intercooler pipes we make, or can be installed to simply free up flow and improve power on a 91-92 MR2 turbo. This will not work on a 93 or newer MR2 Turbo. Available in custom short length for use in Celica applications going to a front mount, or using an ST205 intercooler core. These are made to order. 1-2 weeks Inlet gasket is no longer available from Toyota, but KO Racing has custom made gaskets for this. NOTE: For early Gen 2 3SGTE throttle bodies only, not for use on Gen 3 or other throttle bodies.
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