Broadway Convex Rearview mirror 12x3 Blue Tint

Broadway Convex Rearview mirror 12x3 Blue Tint
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?More longer and wider?: The size of this blue broadway rear view mirror is12X3inch, More longer and wider than most of rear view mirror.Eliminates blind spots in the rear-view, and improves driving safety.Widely used for most car, truck, SUV and so on. ?Clear image?: The blue coated mirrorhigh-definition, large field of view, makes the field of vision clearer and more real. The blue mirror solves the dazzling problem of nighttime driving. clear imaging,High-quality craftsmanship come from Japan. ?More safe?: Anti-glare,The anti-glare design filters out sunlight to ensure clear visibility day and night. water-proof fog, anti-splash,Can effectively protect you and your family from harm during driving.You can easily see all your family members in the car through the rearview mirror and enjoy a wonderful and safe journey. ?Easy install?: Install the rear-view mirror to coordinate with the car, Only need to hook the four clips to the original car rearview mirror, adjust the angle, and then finish within 10 seconds. Easy to install and disassemble. ?About services?Providing high-quality products and services is our goal. We are committed to providing high-quality garden trellis that can be used for a long time. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us.
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